Wee Waa 82nd Show 

will be held on Friday 13th May and Sunday 15th May, 2016


"Local Characters"

Opening of the Wee Waa Show
John Wood - Australian Actor starring in Carpe Diem a play to be seen around the district over the show period.

2016 Wee Waa Show Team Draft
Steward: Graeme McNair 02 6796 2662
Saturday 14th May around 3:30pm.
$15 per team of 3, nominations on the day
1st 2nd 3rd and 4th prizes will be awarded - pending cattle

2016 Wee Waa Show Campdraft
7am Sunday May 15, 2016
Chief Steward: Michelle Constable 0427 660 082
email mkconstable@bigpond.com
Entries Close: Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Stock levy of $8 included in Entry fee and will be retained for
cancellations after Thursday May 12
Campdraft run under Show Society rules and regulations.
$400 Maiden Campdraft
Entry fee $20
Prizemoney – 1st $130, 2nd $115, 3rd $70, 4th $50, 5th $35
$75 Junior Campdraft 13 years and under.
Entry fee $8 (Limit 2 entries)
Prizemoney – 1st $25, 2nd $20, 3rd $15, 4th $10, 5th $5
$75 Juvenile Campdraft 13 to 17 years
Entry fee $8 – (Limit 2 entries)
Prizemoney – 1st $25, 2nd $20, 3rd $15, 4th $10, 5th $5
$200 Ladies Campdraft
Entry fee $15
Prizemoney – 1st $80, 2nd $60, 3rd $30, 4th $20, 5th $10
$1000 Novice Campdraft
Entry fee $30
Prizemoney -1s t $380, 2nd $260, 3rd $160, 4th $115, 5th $85
$600 Open Campdraft
Entry fee $25
Prizemoney -1s t $190, 2nd
$155, 3rd $110, 4th $85, 5th

Farmers Challenge (Sponsored and organised by WMG Agriservices)
Teams are invited to take on the 2015 winners  Saturday 14th May around 5.30pm, Entry Teams of 4 $100 team nomination fee proceeds to go to the Wee Waa Hospital Auxiliary.  Limited number of teams can enter.  For details or to enter please call Matt Jones on 0447 629 813 or Thomas Schwager on 0428 211 120 

John Burgess Photography
Photos from Wee Waa Show
Photos from Wee Waa Show 
Photos from Wee Waa Show

Download Full Show Schedule Here  (Size 8mb)
Please note it is in PDF and you will need the Adobe Reader to read it 
You can however pick up a hard copy at the following places.
  Delta Ag  Burren Junction
 Junction City Hotel  Burren Junction
 Wee Waa News Agency
 Wee Waa
 Wee Waa Bakery  Wee Waa
 McInnes Clothing  Wee Waa
 Post Office   Pilliga

Brett Dickinso 0427 101 700

Peta Miguel 0418905613


Town Show Office
71A Rose Street, Wee Waa
May 7 - May 11, 2016
Saturday 9am to 12 noon
Monday - Wednesday 9am to 5.30pm

9am to 5pm May 12-15, 2016

Friday 13th May 2016
Wee Waa has talen (Senior Competition)

Saturday 14th May 2016
Jess holland Duo live musuc


  • Noah's Racing Pigs
  • The Australian Travelling Fishing Show
  • Sandology
  • Carpe Diem 45 minute Show Award winning actor John Woods
  • Incredible Flea Circus
  • Auscott Fireworks
  • Horse Ball and Tent Pegging
  • Show and Shine
Friday, May 13 
4 pm  Essential Energy Pet Show 
6 pm  Carpe Diem Production - John Wood
6 pm  Show BBQ
7 pm  Show Opening guest John Wood
7.30 pm  Showgirl Announcement
8 pm  Auscott Fireworks
8.00 pm  Cross Cut Saw
8.15 pm  Horse Ball & Tent Pegging
9.00 pm  Wee Waa has Talent
 (Senior Competition)
 Saturday, May 14
8 am  Horse ring events commence
10 am  Yamaha Supertank Fishing Show
 (will run throughout the show)
10 am  Sandology 
 ( will run throughout the whole day)
10 am  The incredible Flea circus
 (will run thoughout the whole day)
11 am  Horse Ball & Tent Pegging
11 am  Baby Show
1 pm   Wee Waa Has Talent
2 pm  Show and Shine
2 pm  Wood Chopping
2 pm  Dog Trial - finals, local and Sale
3 pm  Horse Ball & Tent Pegging
3.30 pm  Team Drafting
3.30 pm  Kangagang Kids Entertainment
4 pm  Buzz's Lollie Drop
5 pm  Namoi Tyre Service Ute Barrel Race
5 pm  ANZ Tug 'O' War
6 pm  WMG Farmers Challenge
7 pm  Noah's Thoroughbred Racing Pigs
7.30 pm  Jess Holland Duo live music
These times may be subject to change






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